No Real estate agent fees,
No time to manage,
No flexibility,
Low profitability,
Empty home.
Guest screening,
Profile management,
Check in/out,
Emergency contact.
5 star rating,
High rental income,
Happy guests,
Full house,
High profitability,
Nothing to do.

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A Home For Everyone

Arabian holidays manages reliable short-term rental properties to make your stay. Holidays or work are just as comforting as it would be from home.

High Rental Profitability

  • Our local market knowledge allows us to let you tap into your target market.
  • Custom build pricing tools
  • Custom built tools for pricing of property


  • Safety comes first. Your home will always be given to reliable people.
  • Personalized management of property, ensured by ID screening and checks.
  • 24/7 availability of helpline.


  • Our customers are known to be satisfied with our services.
  • Personalized and in-person welcome to each customer at their chosen property.
  • We get you all set before your journey. Interesting welcome packs gifted to all customers.

What we include in our management service:

Legal Paperwork

This part of rental properties is the toughest. A trusted of our team takes care of all legal paperwork for you!

Realistic Listing

We ensure that properties put up with the correct info so you can choose the one that fits your requirements.

Guest Check

If your property is listed with us, we make sure that our representatives keep checking on your guests.


We do ID screenings & background checks before we allow your property to be exposed.

Organized Trade-off

For organized manner, we’ve set a place where the customer returns or collects the keys.

Guest Guide

Guiding all the guests of places they’re moving which helps them of what’s where & they don’t need to bother.


Making your guests feel welcomed. We greet your guests and make them comfortable.

Check Out

On guest’s check out, the property is checked for any damages to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

House Cleaning

We get professional cleaners to give the house a thorough clean in between every guest visit.


All washables are washed between the intervals. Representatives from our teams visit to ensure cleaniness.

Stocks & Grocery

Any basic things that are required to keep a household satiated are provided & re-stocked to your guests.


Your property’s maintenance is thoroughly checked every time someone comes or leaves.

Putting your property to good use

With the world so connected, your property will always be of use. There is an entire world of travellers who are looking for an affordable and reliable place to stay. A quick way to earn some income without any hassle.

What makes us different?

A smooth and easy process. Arabian Holidays ensures that both hosts and guests are properly assisted through the entire process and neither are put under any expectations. We take care of all legal formalities, guest requirements and security concerns before creating a match between a host and a guest. Our team concludes a proper security check over your households, ensures deep cleaning before a rental agreement begins, provides a personalized welcome and guarantees safety to all guests. These are the qualities which make us convenient, fruitful and different!

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Average Revenue Increase vs Long-Term


15% Fee for Full Management

What do customers say about us?

I had to travel somewhere & was confused about where I would stay. I knew that there’s ways through which I could rent a room but I wasn't confident over pocket friendly thing. My friend convinced me to look for a room at Arabian Holidays & that was the best suggestion ever.


My sister travels a lot so she often enters into short-term rent agreements. She showed me exactly how Arabian holidays deal with their customers & the amount of ease they create for the guests, too. KuDos to the Arabian Holidays!

GeorgeCEO | Galler8

I tend to travel a lot for work and it seemed unfair that my apartment would be of no use during that time. I was told of Arabian Holidays and since after that, I have always gained some income on my work trips. It really is the simplest way to make some money.

JasonProperty Owner

See what you could earn in just one click