Terms & Conditions


Host Obligations
Hosts must agree to: 

  • Share all relevant information regarding their property and themselves with Arabian Holidays. This includes any possible issues with the property or any thing that may impact the guests’ stay.
  • Provide Arabian Holiday’s with a copy set of your property’s keys. 
  • Be willing to collaborate and cooperate with us to provide efficient services to guests. 
  • Be liable for any requirement of insurance of property and be mindful of the fact that Arabian Holiday’s does not take any responsibility in the capacity of an insurer. 
  • Aware of not holding Arabian Holiday’s accountable for any damages, claims, losses or expenses. 
  • Responsible for your own actions and anyone acting as host on behalf of you.


Payment and Costs

  • Invoices are created independently for each service provided. These invoices, in some cases, might also include expenses from Third Parties. The payment must be done promptly after an invoice is received in the given bank details. Arabian Holidays has full discretion of denying service upon non-receival of payment.


  • When you agree to provide your property as a host home you are heading into a contractual agreement directly with the guest and are accepting to pay liable fees. However, if a guest cancels his/her agreement with you, you will still be rightful of any amount promised to you by the cancellation policy. 
  • As a host, you should not cancel an arrangement with a guest unless it complies with the extenuating circumstances provided to you. Cancellations without fair reason might cause a cancellation fee or additional charge levied on you. 
  • Any services provided by the host prior to the commencement of the agreement are liable to be paid for by the guest. 
  • Your agreement with Arabian Holiday’s as a host terminates if you account terminates. 


  • As a host, Arabian Holiday’s expects you to have fulfilled your duty of paying taxes under applicable laws. You are expected to fulfil your duty of remitting, collecting, reporting or any further duties, on your own.

In the case that you are dissatisfied with your service, the following terms laid out below can be viable for you to expect a refund or some compensation from Arabian Holidays. In the case that 

  1. Property is inconsistent, or entirely different from what was shown before entering into the agreement 
  2. Size of the property – number of bathrooms, rooms and facilities – is significantly different from what was promised. 
  3. There are issues with basic appliances mentioned in the agreement. E.g. stove, iron, kettle, heating, electricity, water. 
  4. Property is not well-maintained and living conditions are unsanitary as per the perception of a reasonable person.

Under these circumstances Arabian Holidays is willing to provide you with either a refund or a compensation which is equivalent to the loss or inconvenience you have suffered.


Information required 

  • At the time of initial agreement we require your contact information, account information, profile information, identification verification and payment information.
  • You may provide us with any additional information if you deem it relevant.
  • Geo-location information might be collected automatically by the Arabian Holiday’s website or application.
  • If you log on to Arabian Holidays via a third party service (facebook, google etc) then all data collected by third parties might also be directed towards us and used to improve our services. 
  • Any information collected is to enhance customer experience, improve Airbnb services or to maintain security. Your information will not be used publicly and for any other purpose.

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