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With the world so connected, your property will always be of use. There is an entire world of travellers who are looking for an affordable and reliable place.

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Some Frequently asked Questions

Q) Can I give my property for rent?
A) Yes, you can put your property on rent and the rest leave it to us.

Q) Can I see my bookings?
A) Yes, of course. Any booking you make will be viewable in your personal newsletter and a detailed breakdown will also be given.

Q) What if a guest vandalizes my property?
A) The likelihood of this is very minimal because all guests are put through a screening process. However, if this does happen, each guest takes a security deposit when they start living, which can be accommodated for you later.

Q) Is the property listing made on Airbnb?
A) Yes, which is why it’s a legit platform to make your bookings. We take a few details from you and create a profile.

Q) Can I change the dates if my flat is unavailable?
A) Yes! It is all up to your convenience.

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