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Dubai is one of the leading cities for tourism. Almost every year, ample people from around the world tend to spend their holiday time in Dubai. It has seen an even great influx of tourists and immigrants ever since their national airline, Emirates, flew off. This has led Dubai to be the connecting destination to ample cities around the world and hence has added to its popularity. 

Dubai doesn’t need a lot of help with the number of hotels because there are plenty, but no place is ever entirely enough to fulfill all requirements. Airbnb offers ample advantages which should be considered when analysing the future of a business in a city. 

Dubai fits the demographic of take-off businesses and travelers from around the world. Which makes it a strong market for Airbnb. Families which conduct businesses and frequent travelers are likely to leave their home often and hence would create a higher possibility for people to lease their houses on short-term rentals. 

It is also easy and convenient to start renting your properties and makes it a very simple process for tenants as well as landlords. 

However, it is important to note that this business does entail a lot of risk in terms of competition and might not deliver the same amount of luxury as a hotel would. All in all, Airbnb would be a good option to begin in Dubai. 


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