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A very interesting question that relates to almost all businesses today is whether they are environment-friendly. One might think the extent of environmental sustainability that can be achieved with a renting, leasing business but the truth is, being climate conscious is integral.  

Airbnb has recently started the Office of Healthy Tourism which aims to plan creative ways to make travel more sustainable and environment-friendly. Being a front-player in the travel industry, Airbnb holds itself accountable for playing a part to make travel and lodging more climate compliant. On 22nd April, the company launched a report which statistically justified their efforts to make travel sustainable, through the globe. 

The whole ideology on which Airbnb is based revolves around the idea of sustainability. Home-sharing has a considerably stronger foundation as compared to hotel booking. This is because they are on a smaller scale and are more relevant to each home individually as compared to a building with a standardized set of rooms. Hence, it’s easier to use greener products, enable recycling and composting, and also encourage guests to use greener ways of travel such as bicycles and/or public transportation. 

With almost 10% of the world revenue generation from the travel industry, Airbnb plays a huge role and maintains sustainability in its services by using less water, occupying already existing spaces, avoiding any additional damages to the environment and draining less energy. 

The greater benefit? Almost 66% of people have said that the extent of environmental sustainability plays a role in them choosing their accommodation. Hence, the higher the number of people who prefer a sustainable option of lodging, the greater the revenue generation via rental income. Helping the planet helps all. 


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