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There are two points of view to this argument. One, from the eyes of a host who rents his/her property and the other from the eyes of a guest who resides in one of those properties. 

The very straightforward answer to why it’s a smart option for hosts is that they generate rental-income. However, the best part is that this income does not require any hassle or stress on the part of the landlord. So, for many individuals or families who have empty houses or apartments, it could actually just work as side money. Even though the revenue generated is usually way higher than any typical side money gig. 

Another reason why Airbnb is smart is because it doesn’t waste any space. Broadly speaking, if more and more people start choosing Airbnb as an accommodation option, it would lower the demand for hotels and that would save a lot of energy use with respect to construction costs, labour energy and even electricity. 

From the perspective of a tenant, Airbnb is a smart option because it’s safe. You’re living in an accommodation which guarantees you comfort and safety, both. Not only that, it also ensures you convenience for example availability of cleaning services, food stocks etc. In fact, Airbnb’s are way cheaper than getting a hotel booked so there’s financial saving, too. 

Everything kept in mind, we say Airbnb is a smart option. What do you think?


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